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Welcome to Dave Arnold Fibreglassing

Mention the name Dave Arnold to most people within the koi industry and you'll be met with a smile and most likely, a story about Dave's visit to their premises, these stories generally revolve around his love of coffee whilst working but always end up with them explaining just how happy they are with the finish and the quality of the fibreglassing they've had done to their koi pond, filters or both.

Dave is happy to admit that he's 'a bit old in the tooth now' and has been through a variety of hobbies and sports from rallying, finishing 34th overall on the rac rally, to ice skating at competitive level and even being the British adult masters champion in ice dance, something that will no doubt be a bit of a surprise to most of his customers!

Model aircraft also feature as one of Dave's current hobbies along with fishing and shooting and he still has a passion for fast cars with his 'Scooby' being his pride and joy. It was his passion for his car that led to his involvement with the Scooby clinic and the preparation of their track cars along with the production of add on fibreglass bits and pieces for the Subaru range.

Dave has been keeping koi for over 20 years and is a keen member of his local koi club the EMKC and still finds the hobby as fascinating as ever, "I have been fortunate enough to go to Japan twice and my trip in the spring of 2008 arranged by Richdon Koi and with fellow koi keepers who share my passion for koi was exceptional."

Dave Arnold glassed his first customer pond over 15 years ago and although he didn't turn to fibreglassing koi ponds full time to make a living until 2005, he still feels that as a koi keeper you have to have the best finish possible and thus he takes great pride in his work. To Dave this isn't just a job, to deal with customers who have the same interests as himself makes his days work fun as well, as most of the time he is talking koi and discussing the finer points of koi keeping with his customers.

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